Hi my name is Miranda Mulder and I live in a small village in the Northern part of The Netherlands with my husband, two doggies and lots of monsters. The monsters (animals, insects and other creatures) are all born within my imagination, I try to bring them to life by making them from paper mache.

Ever since I was little I was busy creating. I was always drawing or playing with clay. It’s not weird that after high school I choose an art education. In 2000 I graduated with a BA in Art and Design and soon after (in 2004) I started my own bussiness under the name Mierpapier. I started working with paper mache during this Art and Design study, I did my internship with an illustrator and together with her I made chickens from paper mache for an exhibition. I immediately enjoyed doing it and never stopped working with it.

Everyone has messed around in elementary school with scraps of paper, glue and a balloon, but you can actually do so much more with it. It's a great versatile product. I make my own paper pulp, a clay-like paste made from old newspaper, water and glue. Once this pulp is dry, it’s perfect to sand and paint. With this paper pulp I love to make little individuals, monsters, bugs or animals, all with their own funny personalities, sweet and a bit mischievous....

Usually I sketch something first and then get to work. It's a lot of fun to create a figure and give them their own look and character. My style is still changing, and I get inspiration from everywhere: everyday things, nature (I love animals), work from other illustrators and artists, but also movies, art and tv. I really love working with paper mache. You can say that I have become addicted to it.

There’s enough gloom and bad stuff in the world so a little escape to a world with funny monsters and creatures is what I sometimes need and like to share.
I love it when my creatures make people happy and smile, that's my goal.

Miranda Mulder
De Pleats 6B
9062 HR Oentsjerk
The Netherlands

[email protected]

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